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Complex Equipment Lift at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg

October 26, 2015 — Stewart & Tate Construction recently completed a complex rigging project at Strawberry Square in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

The lift involved the hoisting of new chiller equipment through a third floor window of the downtown retail center. Crew members from Stewart & Tate’s specialized industrial division picked three separate sections of the chiller’s equipment by crane and carefully lowered them onto ramps built out of steel C-Channels through the mechanical room window along Walnut Street. Skates which were welded onto the bottom of each piece of the equipment allowed the units to be lowered onto the cantilevered tracks and gently backed into the building.

The chiller, which was broken down into three portions weighing between 12,000 lbs. and 18,000 lbs., will be rebuilt and installed by Stewart & Tate and Enginuity, LLC—the mechanical contractor on the job.

Strawberry Square is a mixed-use retail and commercial complex located in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is owned and managed by the Harristown Development Corporation, a non-profit organization.

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