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Second Classroom Project at York Catholic High School Complete

May 8, 2020 – After serving as general contractor for renovations to two floors of classrooms at York Catholic High School, Stewart & Tate Construction constructed four new science lab classrooms with support storage areas on Level 2 of the building in what had been former chapel, library and study hall spaces. The work included a new variable refrigeration HVAC system comparable to the system installed for the Classroom Renovation project, new lab grade casework and fume hoods, and moveable desks that can be reconfigured to accommodate either a lecture or lab layout.

As the project was completed while school was in session, the space was isolated with temporary partitions, and access to the building was from a back stair tower. Additionally, materials were brought in through a window opening on the outside of the space to further mitigate disruption to facility and student operations.

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